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Who We Are

IEA was founded in 1997 by Regina Rogers and the late Julie Rogers to perpetuate Ben Rogers’ legacy of helping children achieve dignity and respect through knowledge, compassion, understanding, and love.

Our Mission


The mission of IEA - Inspire, Encourage, Achieve - is to initiate and support educational programming and rehabilitative services for at-risk youth in Southeast Texas by inspiring and encouraging them to achieve.

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What We Do

IEA - Inspire, Encourage, Achieve - is a non-profit organization operating in a unique partnership with the Jefferson County Juvenile Probation Department to recidivism rates among juvenile offenders in Southeast Texas.

IEA utilizes strength-based approaches, cross-system collaborations and community assets to alter the trajectory of juvenile justice involved youth who are vulnerable to entering the adult criminal justice system. Since its inception in 1997, IEA has earned the respect of key stakeholders throughout the community for its work with youth offenders. Prior to IEA's inception, many of the youth detained at the Minnie Rogers Juvenile Justice Center (MRJJC) in Beaumont, Texas cycled through the juvenile justice system some eventually becoming a part of the adult criminal population. IEA's holistic approach to programming which includes counseling, mentoring, tutoring and family support has helped break the cycle of violence and criminal activity--reducing the rate of recidivism (repeat offenses) and enabling probation officers to work more effectively with the youth.

From services to youth detained in the MRJJC to its Ben's Kids outreach efforts, IEA empowers juvenile justice involved youth to adopt law-abiding lifestyles by offering alternatives to criminal behavior and increasing access to mental health and personal development opportunities. Every juvenile offender detained in the MRJJC has an opportunity to benefit from programming offered within the institutional component of IEA. Referrals are made by the Jefferson County Juvenile Probation Department to the Ben's Kids outreach component of IEA while youth are detained as well as during pre and post adjudication.

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